What are the best surfing beaches in the US?


I’m looking to travel in my next vacation in the US and do coast-to-coast beaches. Can you recommend the places any surfer MUST visit and where to stay?

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  1. Beach Destinations: Honolulu, Miami, San Diego

    From coast to coast, the U.S. is lapping with shores and beaches for the splashing. Some offer rocky beaches (perfect for rock stackers) while others offer sublime powdery sand and warm waters. Dreaming of the perfect place to splash around this summer? Plan ahead and find the cheapest hotel deals for surfers and your pocketbook will thank you.

    In fact, you can use Low Cost Hotels as a way to help budget for your trip and choose a destination. Example: You plan to meet friends in a beach destination, but you’ll all be booking at different times on different sites. With low cost hotels deals finder, you can see which beach destinations are most likely to rise or fall in airfare prices in the near future. Ideally, you’d plan a trip where prices are likely to stay relatively constant or go down (unless the sky’s the limit for your trip!). LCH offers easy-to-use tools for understanding the budget accommodations market so you can anticipate part of your stay expenses.

    Here are three popular watery destinations to get you in a beachy mood for summer (or any time of year when you need a dose of sun).

    Honolulu and its Hawaiian beaches
    Aloha. This beach city is an urban hub for Oahu, the most populous Hawaiian island with happening clubs, bars, and a ton of restaurants centrally located in the famous Waikiki Beach area. Outside the city you learn how to surf from native pros (ladies, sign up for Hawaiian Fire surfing lessons with firefighter instructors), go snorkeling, tour Diamond Head (a volcanic crater), participate in a luau, or simply road trip to any beach for a sunset picnic. If you seek raw, natural beauty with peace and quiet, head to the North Shore beaches. There’s something for everyone in Hawaii. Prices of budget hotels in Honolulu show drops happening towards the second half of August. If last year is any indication you should see some fare sales pop up as the summer comes to a close in September.

    Virtues and vices (think pink ties) go along with this dazzling city known for glitz, bling, tanned skin, Miami Beach, and artsy Coconut Grove. It is also gateway to nearby Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Keys, and a slew of other Florida beaches that line the southeast coast; plus, a day trip will take you to the Everglades or Biscayne National Park. And South Beach is one of the world’s biggest gay destinations. Think of alligators, pink flamingos, Cuban dance clubs, an international film festival, warm weather year-round, and acclaimed art galleries and you can imagine why visitors return again and again. For flights to Miami best prices are available on a Sunday departure with Friday departures showing peak fares. If weekend nightlife is a must, Saturday departures offer a good compromise. Hostels in Miami vary alot in quality, you should consider them carefuly, or use Airbnb or any of the recommended Miami’s cheap hotels.

  2. San Diego
    This southern California city is famed for a jaw-dropping 70 miles of beaches, zoo and aquarium creatures, surfers, marathoners, and some of the best damn guacamole north of the border. Plenty of ethnic restaurants with margaritas for the sipping, a downtown core with theater and comedy clubs, day trip opportunities to Tijuana, and the beloved San Diego Zoo. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean, Mexico, and the Laguna Mountains, San Diego can be as chill or up-tempo as desired. Pick your pace and dig your toes in the sand of this coastal gem. Wednesdays and Saturdays tend to be your best bet for the cheapest fare to San Diego out of Seattle. The end of August and heading into September show the best savings in both hotel prices and flights.

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