What is there to see in Los Angeles for teens?


I’m planning  a trip to the west coast but was told I’d better skip LA. Is it true? I’m looking for a fun city for a young couple (20-30), please share some tips and advises, we are short in time in trip and don’t want to waste time on so-so cities.

Please tell how to find the Los Angeles I expect, as well as the one I may not. How to intelligently navigate the tourist spots, and how the locals live and where they go.

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  1. I think you’ll find a city filled with astonishing possibilities..

    If there was ever a city with multiple personalities, Los Angeles is it. Where else in the world do people regularly go from wearing flip flops and bikinis to couture and diamonds in a single day? Los Angeles offers everything tourists come for: shopping, celebrities, beaches—and oh-so-much more. The entertainment industry may dominate, but this sprawling metropolis is home to some of the world’s best cuisine, architecture, art, performing arts and hotels. In this city of contrasts, there isn’t much a visitor can’t find.

    There’s really one way to travel the roads of LA, and that’s in a convertible, preferably wearing a pair of stylin’ shades. The car, though, is not mandatory, despite rumors to the contrary; we’ll show you how to see Los Angeles on foot. Also playing against type is the city’s burgeoning literary scene, which we’ll open up to you.

    So, what to see? Check out Santa Monica and Malibu for some of the best beaches anywhere. Head over to The Brentwood Country Mart, to shop like a local. On that front, it’s tough to go wrong in any neighborhood. The city is a shoppers’ paradise, with all the high fashion of New York’s Madison Avenue living alongside a laid-back aesthetic that is distinctly LA.

    With its museums and performance spaces, it has an art scene to rival that of any major city, not to mention some fantastic architecture, both new and old. And, lest we leave out the kiddie set, Los Angeles and its environs are home to some of the world’s most famous theme parks.

    Los Angeles goes high-low on the food front, too. The city has made its mark on the gastronomic scene, with its own slant on fresh and organic food that encompasses everything from wheatgrass shots to organic burgers. It has its own crop of local celebrity chefs, in addition to some imported ones.

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