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Most people feel uncomfortable when negotiating a price or bartering. It is not a big part of western culture so we are not used to doing it. Don’t feel uncomfortable with it as it is just part of their culture and it can be a very enjoyable part of your holiday experience.

The people who you barter with will be very comfortable and experienced at it, so there are a number of steps you should follow –

  1. Decide on a price that you are willing to pay before you ask the price and start bartering.
  2. Do not go over this price.

When the barter starts the seller will either, say to you “how much will you pay?” or they will give you a price. Either way the ball is in your court and you have to continue with the barter. As a rough guide the seller will inflate the price by as much as 50-100 percent. In simple terms the price that you are first given is often twice the price they will actually take. You have to use your judgment on this but it is quite effective as a rough guide.

If you were asked how much you would pay, half the amount you originally decided you would pay for the item. This can feel particularly uncomfortable as the seller often appears offended by this sum. However, they are experienced in bartering and would probably have had the same reaction to whatever figure you had suggested. Once the initial figures have been discussed you can increase on your price and the seller can come down on their price. Eventually you will meet somewhere in the middle at a price both of you are happy with. Remember to increase your price in small amounts or you will end up paying more than you needed too.

If you cannot negotiate a price that suits both you and the seller and the seller lets you walk away, you know at this point they really aren’t making a profit. It is very unlikely that a seller would let a sale get away from them if they stand to make a profit. So, if you portray confidence and don’t express too much interest you will be able to negotiate a price that suits both parties.

It is a very bad practice to pay whatever price the seller asks. This leads to high inflation as the seller bases their initial price on around twice the actual value. With a little patience and practice bartering becomes a very enjoyable part of a purchase.