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Budget Travel Tips

Are you tired of package holidays?

Do you want some adventure?

Have you considered organising your own holiday?

You may think that package holidays are the cheapest option for your holiday. You may want everything organised for you and you may like the feeling that your holiday has just fallen off a production line. But are you aware that you can have a cheap holiday and organise it yourself ? ? Instead of 2 weeks on the Costa Brava you could be relaxing on the paradise islands of Thailand.

Flights only are usually very reasonable and if you wait for last minute deals the prices can be unbelievable. Don’t be afraid of flight only. It may seem a daunting task to organise your own transport when you land in a foreign country. It really is not difficult to organise these things for yourself. If you plan your first destination before you leave the task of getting there will be easy. A little planning will save you loads of time and hassle.

Many people imagine that finding their own accommodation would be very difficult, but ask yourself this, would you go on a package holiday in your own country? Of course some people would but you know how easy it is to turn up in a place and find somewhere to stay. It is as easy abroad and you shouldn’t be afraid to do it. It takes a little time but it gives you the opportunity to negotiate a good price.

Don’t be afraid to ask for discount. Most hoteliers abroad will come down on their price. If they are not busy they would rather fill the room at a discount price than not earn any money for the room at all.

Once you are at your first destination you can get yourself settled and give yourself time to plan your next move. Getting around is usually quite easy and just takes a little organising. Check out the local tourist information centres and local bus or train stations. You will often get the best price directly from the train or bus station, as there is no added commission.

Making your own travel plans can save you money and it gives you the freedom to do what you want and when you want to do it. You will find places that you love and decide to stay there longer and you will find places that you don’t like so much and you want to move on faster.

If you pick a country that is not a ‘normal’ holiday destination, i.e. Thailand, Mexico or South Africa, you can reduce the cost of the holiday because day-to-day living costs are a lot cheaper. If you eat in local places and stay in budget accommodation you can live for as little as £3 – £10 a day.

So if you compare the price of a package holiday to the price of an independent holiday you will be pleasantly surprised. An independent holiday gives you more adventure and offers the opportunity to get more in touch with local culture. The price of an independent holiday can take you to some very exotic places at the same or less a price than a package holiday.

So get planning, do some research and you will soon be on your way to a paradise island where you will be relaxing and wondering why you ever bought a production line package holiday!