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Drugs Abroad

There are particular dangers that the traveller should be aware of when getting involved with drugs abroad. Drugs are illegal wherever you go and the penalties for being caught in some countries are very severe. It has been known that British citizens have been sentenced to life in prison, without trial, for carrying even small amounts of drugs. In some cases people have been sentenced to death for trafficking drugs.

The best advice is DO NOT get involved with drugs. You will find that drugs can be easily available and you may get a sense that you are above the law. However, refer to our page on Scams and you will see that it is very easy for the local authority’s to set you up or use drugs as a method of bribery.
You should be aware that you may not be getting what you thought you were buying. Buying a drug off someone you don’t know is particularly dangerous and if you insist in doing them bare this in mind. You may also find that drugs are stronger in certain places. The drugs you buy may be uncut or even cut with harmful things, so express extreme caution in these situations. Remember unfamiliar environments will make you feel less confident and hotter temperatures will affect you in different ways.

Be safe don’t get involved with drugs abroad. You are as accountable for your behaviour abroad as you are in you home country. Your local Embassy will not be able to claim diplomatic immunity for you and you should not expect them to get you out of trouble that you cause yourself.