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Tips For When You Get Back From Your Vacation

Sometimes getting back home can be such a joy, other times well, not so much. Whatever you are feeling there are a few to dos that will help get you back on track and through those first couple of I wish I was still away! blues.

  1. Do a walk thru and say thanks
    Check both the inside and outside of your house to ensure that everything is in order. Say a big thanks to your neighbors if they kept a close eye on your home. It is a nice gesture to bring a gift to your house sitter as well. Can you really put a price tag on peace of mind?
  2. What came in while you were away?
    It is Murphys Law that your bills will come in while you are away. Make sure you go through your mail and email to check for any outstanding payments. Also remember to check your answering machine.
  3. Tell them you’re home
    Although you may want to hide from the realities of being back home it is a good idea to tell your loved ones that you have made it safe and sound. No need to cause any unnecessary worry.
  4. Put away the valuables
    Hopefully you came back with a little change in your pocket. Make sure you put it in a safe place so you can grab it the next time you head out. The same goes for your travel documentation. It is always a good idea to keep your passports in a good hiding spot just remember where you put it.
  5. Unpacking
    This is probably one of the tasks everyone hates the most. The best piece of advice we can give you is to treat it like a band aid do it as quickly as possible. There is nothing more depressing than seeing the same clothes pile week in and week out.
  6. Water the plants
    Your green friends have probably gotten a little dehydrated while you were away. Make sure you give them lots of love and attention when you return home. This would also include your outdoor buddies.
  7. Go grocery shopping
    Because you emptied your fridge of any items that may have created penicillin during your absence (Before you go) you will need to restock. Head out to the grocery store as soon as you can. This way you avoid the temptation of calling your local pizza joint.
  8. Defrost that meal you made beforehand
    Again, were trying to avoid calling the pizza guy. After reading our Before you go tips you will have a homemade supper waiting for you. All you have to do is pull it out of the freezer and tuck it in the oven. Watch out pizza chains of the world.
  9. Sweet memories
    Try to get your pictures developed as soon as possible. It is amazing how quickly you forget those little details. Besides, you will want proof that you actually did go away once your tan fades to a nice shade of pale.
  10. Start daydreaming
    Sigh. You are back in the grind of things. But alas, what is that aching in your heart? It is the desire to get away once again. Start daydreaming about where your next adventure might take you. Time seems to go by more quickly when you have something exciting to look forward to.