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Tips to Create The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Taking off for a month, ten days or even a week can truly be an impossible task. However, we all need is a change of scenery and should slow down every once in a while. That is why a weekend getaway is such a great alternative, especially if you can make it into a long weekend.

  1. What is the goal?
    Are you looking into get rejuvenated? Do you and your loved one need to spend some quality time together? Is this a mother-daughter outing? Planning becomes much easier once you decide what your trip is all about. You have a few days so make the most of them.
  2. Surprise, surprise
    One of the nicest things you can do for a loved one is give them a surprise getaway. Just make sure they dont have any important appointments that cant be missed. The best way to avoid the surpriser getting surprised is to enlist the help of some friends as long as they know how to keep a secret.
  3. Book the best flight
    You can afford a long layover if you are leaving for a longer trip but when you only have the weekend it is best to book the best flight possible. You dont want to spend your vacation by hanging around in the airport.
  4. Or, get the car ready before you leave
    Get away a little closer to home and take a road trip. The key here is not spending your time at the gas station or buying treats. Do that before you go so that you can take off as soon as possible.
  5. Documentation
    Make sure you and/or your traveling companion have the right documentation. For example, if you are planning on going outside the country you will need valid passports. If there isnt enough time to get them in order you may want to think about staying within the borders.
  6. Pack accordingly
    Remember, you are going away for a weekend. Of course, you should still leave enough room to bring home a few mementos and dont forget that bathing suit. Packing too much will be annoying since you have to pack, unpack, repack, wash and put away everything you brought with.
  7. Planning ahead
    Because you are going to be at your destination for a short time it may be a wise idea to plan ahead. Perhaps you can see a concert, Broadway show or game while in town. True, deciding at the last minute can be fun but you may not get the seats or price youd like.
  8. Choose a great hotel
    One of the highlights for a weekend getaway is that you can splurge on the hotel. This is especially the case if you want to relax and get pampered. See if there is a spa on hand and what kind of restaurants they have to offer. You just might stay in the room your entire trip and that can be the best type of vacation.
  9. Take pictures
    Ok, so you may not be traveling to a far off destination but that doesnt mean you wont have any great memories. Take the camera along and get ready to capture those great moments.
  10. Buy a memento
    Remember, this is a vacation so take something back home that will remind you of the fabulous time you had. It can be elaborate or simple. The point is whatever it may be it should remind you of your getaway and perhaps get you thinking about the next one.